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Makam RuthvikMakam Ruthvik 

How to get Recent child record from relatedTo in email content

Hi All,

Please take a look at below lines.

<messaging:emailTemplate subject="{!$Label.SNL_018_EmailSubject}"  recipientType="Contact" relatedToType="Account"  >
<messaging:htmlEmailBody >


Here Payment_Reminders1 is child relationship name. From Account I am getting related reminder Id's in a list. How to get the recently created Id from that list. I tried sort by, order by and size etc., None are working. Please help me in this.

AbhinavAbhinav (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Makam,

Have you tried sorting it by CreatedDate?

Check some reference:


Makam RuthvikMakam Ruthvik

HI Abhinav,


I cannot use apex here since I have to set the email subject of visualforce email template dynamically based on a field on remainder object. I don;t have access to controller here. If the relatedTo is remainder I am able to do it but the related here is Account. Account can have many remainders and have to get the latest created remainder.


hsd srhhsd srh
Hey, Is this possible to add the same script in any dynamic website that hosted on WordPress? I want to test it for my website (https://www.americansuya.com/).