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pavan Kumar 1877pavan Kumar 1877 

record not found in list view

Being an user i am able to find the one record in overall serach from the application in lightning. where as am not able to find the same record from the list view even though i have given appropriate filtering condition and i added the user to group condtions also.
Ashish Singh SFDCAshish Singh SFDC
Hi Pavan,

Can you explain below points:

1. The user who is facing the issue is not a System Admin?
2. Is that user able to find the record from Global Search by navigating through the record Id from the URL?
3. What is the filtering condition you've put in the List View?
4. What is the criteria of that particular record which you want to share?

If object OWD is restricted, you can also click on sharing button to see if which user have access to which record.

Ashish Singh.
PriyaPriya (Salesforce Developers) 

Hi Pavan,

Your problem could be caused by profile, role, sharing and security controls or your organization's search settings.

Please refer this article for more detail:-





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Priya Ranjan