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Charles ThompsonCharles Thompson 

Flow: Data Table to record attendance over many sessions

** Data Entry Grid **

I have a challenge from a customer to make data entry easier for attendance at classes.  I want to build a screen flow with a data table containing

  • 1 row per contact (enrolee)
  • 1 column per day, 7 columns in total (daily sessions for one week)
  • each grid cell contains a picklist and represents a separate attendance record

I can't think of which of the many data table screen flow components can do this, if any.

Any suggestions?

Ashish Singh SFDCAshish Singh SFDC
Hey Charles,

You should be able to call Aura / LWC component from flow. 

Also checkout there are free appexchange products out there which has built in datatable.

Checkout this similar resource: https://unofficialsf.com/datatable/

Ashish Singh.