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Cathy PostmusCathy Postmus 

Flow and Subflow issue - Field not updating; reverting back to previous value set in flow

Hello, wondering if anyone has some suggestions for me.

I have an auto-launched flow (ALF) which contains some subflows. In the main ALF, basically checks "does it have non-inventory parts" then run subflow "non inventory parts".  Next, it runs an "order deadline" subflow.

The current "stage" field is "needs parts ordered".

The first subflow is set to change the stage to "waiting on 3rd party" and then update the order.

The second subflow doesn't affect the stage field.

But, when running the second flow, it sets the stage back to "needs parts ordered" which is where it was before.  

BUT, on the first subflow, in the same assignment where the stage is updated, I am also updating "stage reason" field, and that field will be updated by the first flow.  It makes no sense!

It seems the first subflow didn't actually update the "stage" field on the order.  But it will update a different field.  I'm really confused why this refuses to update.

ShivankurShivankur (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Cathy,

The business logic seems bit tricky in your flow implementation.So, if you could add the flow with a simple narrowed scenario and explain with screenshots posted with that flow configuration then community members would be able to help you in more better way.

As per the description, it looks like the operation might have rolled back due to some conflicting part or trigger code around this functionality.The narrowed scenario would clearly indicate where to look for this problem.

Also, try to capture debug logs and see if you can follow the stack, whether it goes through the flow invocation and rolls back somewhere in between.This way you could easily track where it must be going wrong.

Hope above information helps. Please mark as Best Answer so that it can help others in future.