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Pavushetti Abhilash 3Pavushetti Abhilash 3 

stuck on a trailhead challenge

I'm working on the process builder challenge, and I can't seem to get it to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Challenge: You've been given a requirement to keep Contact addresses in sync with the Account they belong to. Use Process Builder to create a new process that updates all child Contact addresses when the address of the Account record is updated. This process: Can have any name. Must be activated. Must update Contact mailing address fields (Street, City, State, Post Code, Country) when the parent Account shipping address field values are updated.
What I did:
1. All Contact validation rules were deleted.
2. Under process builder, Choose an object was set to Account (when a record is created or updated)
3. Under criteria: dummy name, selected when conditions are met, selected all 8 of the account shipping fields (isChanged, boolean true) and Any of the conditions are met.
4. Craeted a UPDATE action. Added fields Mailing street field reference with Account.shipping street, Mailing city ref with Acct.shippingcity, etc, etc.
So child (contact) mailing address will change when there is an update in parent(account) shipping address.
So when I check the challenge it doesnt accepting and thrown a message ""We updated the shipping address in an account record, but we can’t find the new address values in each child contact’s mailing address. Make sure the process is active"". 
I am sure that my process is active. I checked my all contacts mailing address, few contacts have mailing address few doesnt have. For few conatcts I added address( street, city, postcode, country,state). But so many contacts are exist. Does this affecting my challenge? How could I overcome this????
AbhinavAbhinav (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Pavushetti,

Please note that Questions about how to pass Trailhead challenges are not on topic, because these challenges are intended to be independent demonstrations of your abilities.Trailhead Help (https://trailhead.salesforce.com/en/help?support=home)can provide assistance for situations where Trailhead does not appear to be functioning correctly. You can reach out to them if this is the case.

Vadim TukaloVadim Tukalo
Hi Pavushetti
Can you help me with the samr problem?
How did you solve it? if you did.
Pavushetti Abhilash 3Pavushetti Abhilash 3
Hi Vadim.
I tried this challenge long days ago. However I am done with this challenge. I am sharing few screenshots what I did exactly in my org. May be this will help. Try to check the conditions what exactly in screenshots.
1. Make sure record field under immediate action is [Account].Contacts.
2. Condition is No criteria—just update the records!
3. In second screenshot make sure the condition is Any of the conditions are met (OR)
4. Make sure the process builder is activated or not.
Let me know its helpfull or not. Try to check the challenge multiple times. 

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