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Sean Cunningham 1Sean Cunningham 1 

Opportunity Record Type Dependent on Account Record Type


I have a requirement to make it so that users can only select a certain Opportunity Record Type depending on what the Account Record type is.  We have 3 Account Record Types: Prospecting, Sales Pipeline and Onboarding.  I need these 3 Account Record types limited to the following Opportuinity Record Types:

(Acount Record Type) - (Oppportiunity Record Type)
Prospecting - Original, Expansion
Sales Pipeline - Upsell
Onboarding - Customer, Upsell

I know I need to write an IF statement for each picklist value, but I'm running into trouble when trying to bring in the second variable (Oppportunity Record Type).

Danish HodaDanish Hoda
hi Sean,
Make a custom lightning component and override it with the statndard New button on Opportunity.
With the record-type value on Account selected, the recordtype selection can be performed on the UI.