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Daniel WretmanDaniel Wretman 

origin of case comment


I have got stuck in a process where cases should be opened on new case comments but only on some criteria, listed below:

1. Open if comment is from a customer
2. Do not open if comment is posted by a support engineer
3. Do not open if the comment is made by a flow 

I seem not to be able to filter out the different user types and the case is opened regardless of who the user is. I have tried using the field 


but this does not take in consideration which type of user made the comment. How can I get a process builder to look at the user type for this?
Danish HodaDanish Hoda
hi Daniel,
You can create a CustomLabel to add all the profiles related to 'Customer' comma-separated and check if the current user profile is among the values.
If yes, Open
If No, No change needed
Daniel WretmanDaniel Wretman
Thank you for your input, I will implement this solution.