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How to restrict access for specific users?

If oppotunity amount filed has more than 1.5M, how to restrict every one except manger, every one has access if amount is less than 1.5M.
Also in the report how to stop viewing, if some one else can create the report also shouldn't be able to make it.

Restriction over the page layout - 

Create a workflow, if the amount is greater than 1.5 M, change the record type to some other and assign the page layout to Manager profile, 
If the amount is less than 1.5M, then record type will not change and hance the page layout [ which is assigned for other users ]

Restriction Over the report - 

I think this is quite tricky, my approach to this req is 

create a 

Report Type on Opportunity - ABC
Field - Opp Amount 
Report Folder - XYZ

The new field Opp Amount should be updated with the STD Amount value only if the Amount is less than 1.5M, give access to this custom field for the restrcited users, and take the access for the STD Amount field, [ Hence the STD Amount will not be visible in the report though users try to create a new report ] 

Create a new report type ABC and keep this is folder XYZ, give this folder access only for restricted users

I will create a report with filter condition as Opp Amount [ custom field ]  < 1.5 M and keep this in XYZ folder and share the folder with the those restricted users.  [ Hence all opportunity less than 1.5 only be visible to users ]

Hope this helps for you,

Thank You,
Rajesh Adiga P.
Hey, You wanted to restrict only the Amount field or the complete opportunity record itself..?
Hi @Rajesh3699
Thanks for your replay, yes I want to restrict entrire record.
You need to make use of OWD and using the Criteria based Sharing rule, you need to give access for Opportunity records, that are less than 1.5 M

If you achieve the above, no need to do any work for report, salesforce by default controls the access.