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Andrew SchellAndrew Schell 

Tutorial missing directions, contacts and dead links.

I'm going through the Manage Chatter trailhead and the tutorial mentions Aaron Hatzler and Fumiko Suzuki... neither of which are in my org, but it also doesn't say to add them?

So I create them and they still won't show as members.

Mr Google finds a post where I have to also enter their department and title but it still doesn't allow me to add them as members.

What is going on, is this some kind of weird hazing test or how am I supposed to enjoy a bait and switch tutorial that claims my org has names that it doesn't and asks me to add people that it won't show as members for chat.

I've been asked by a client to get my Salesforce Certification for a project but its frustrating and I'm getting tired of these outdated tutorials, dead links and lightning is laggy in the field when I test it with the sales reps.

Last weekend I tried to log into the ADM201 trailhead and got a 404 error... it was fixed on Sunday, is this normal?

Andrew SchellAndrew Schell
Update, I went to setup >> typed in 'roles' in search bar and I have no roles setup, this is just me on a dev org.

So how does the Manage Chatter tutorial figure I have roles magically setup for Aaron or Fumiko let alone for Edge Communications.

I feel like there is a piece of the puzzle I'm missing.