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Testing Apex class

Actually this is the controller class and the help I need is how to write the test class for the below code.

Orginal Apex controller code:
private String addressValidation(Contact con, boolean showApexErroMsg){
            boolean errorExist = false;
            String addrs_Error_Message = '';
            String errorMsgFullString = '';
            if (!AddressService.isValidationResultValid(con.Other_Address_Validation_Status__c, con.Other_Address_Validation_Timestamp__c))
                addrs_Error_Message += ' Ship To Address, ';
                errorExist = true;

        if (!AddressService.isValidationResultValid(con.Mailing_Address_Validation_Status__c, con.Mailing_Address_Validation_Timestamp__c))
            addrs_Error_Message += ' Sold To Address, ';
            errorExist = true;

        if (!AddressService.isValidationResultValid(con.Other_Address2_Validation_Status__c, con.Other_Address2_Validation_Timestamp__c))
            addrs_Error_Message += ' Bill To Address ';
            errorExist = true;

            errorMsgFullString = con.name+' has an non-validated '+addrs_Error_Message+'. Please go to the Contact page for '+con.name +' and validate the address.';
            ApexPages.addmessage(new ApexPages.message(ApexPages.severity.ERROR,errorMsgFullString));

        system.debug('----addressValidation Result ----'+errorExist);
        return errorMsgFullString;

Need test class for the above code.
Please do the needful. Thanks in advance

Could you provide below details to complete the test class.

1. AddressService.isValidationResultValid method implementation.
2. Field type for below field.
    a. Mailing_Address_Validation_Status__c, Mailing_Address_Validation_Timestamp__c
    b. Other_Address2_Validation_Status__c, Other_Address2_Validation_Timestamp__c
    c. Other_Address_Validation_Status__c, Other_Address_Validation_Timestamp__c

Dheeraj Kumar