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Jerome Almejas 8Jerome Almejas 8 

Bring an Activity custom field to Lead details.

I created a "contacted" custom field that will say yes or no if a call is more than/less than 2 minutes. However, this field is in the Activities since call duration is there and call duration was the basis of the formula field for "contacted." The challenge is I need to bring this "contacted" field under Lead details but I cannot create a custom field since it will have syntax error: check spelling because call duration is not a field in Lead. How can I achieve this? Any ideas? 
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Jerome,

Sorry for this issue you are facing.

Are you trying to update a field on the lead?

If so you can build out a process builder on task and for the who id if its starts with 00Q then you can launch a flow that will update the lead with the ID of the who ID on the task. 

Jerome Almejas 8Jerome Almejas 8

I think it's not to update a field on the lead since I don't have a field yet on the lead for "contacted." This "contacted" field is a formula field that I created in Activities with "call duration" field as the basis. Formula: IF(calldurationinseconds >=120, "yes" , "no"). I want to bring this "contacted" field to Lead details but when I create a custom field under Leads using the same formula, it's having an error because there is no field yet in Lead object that calculates call duration. Any thoughts?
Deepak GulianDeepak Gulian

Hi Jerome,

I don't think you can access the "Activity" field within a "Lead" object directly. You got 2 options over here to achieve the same 

  • Apex Trigger
  • Process Builder

Following will be the criteria:
"Contacted" field data changes ---> "WhoId" should start from "00Q" -----> Action (Update Lead)