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Soundar Raj PonpandiSoundar Raj Ponpandi 

How to create acustom report type for account/opportunity/Campaign ? Is that possible ?


How to create acustom  report type for account/opportunity/Campaign ? Is that possible ?

Can anyone give me a valid suggestion, How can i achieve this.

Hi Soundar,

Yes you can do that. its bit tricky because you will not get all the data by just creating a custom report type. So below are the  ways of doing it.

1) Custom report type on Opportunity: As opportunity has relationship with both account as well as Campaign. So you can create a custom report type on opportunity as add fields related via lookup.
2) Custom Report type on Account and Opportunity: So create a report type of Account and related opportunity (or Campaign with opportunity) and then add fields related via lookup when you drill down from opportunity fields.

Link for "add fields related via lookup" : https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=reports_report_type_layouts.htm&type=5