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Lightning Console - How are pages overridden with VF pages supposed to behave?

I have an org with Lightning Experience switched on and I'm seeing inconsistent behaviours on action overrides:
  • It is a Lightning Console App
  • I have Edit overrides on one Standard Object (Task) and one Custom Object
  • In both cases, the override is as follows:
    • The Class override is a VF Page
    • The Lightning override states to "use the Classic override"
  • In both cases, the selected VF page has not been marked as available for Lightning Experience
When I try and edit a Task, I'm directed to the VF page in a new tab. However, when I try to edit the Custom object, the console opens a new tab and then opens an edit modal.

What are the expected behaviours if Lightning reverts to a classic override to a VF page which hasn't been marked as available for Lightning?

Also - When will it be possible to select "No override" in Lightning specifically?