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Tobias KlugTobias Klug 

Search bar Issue

Hey community, 

I have a field named "Company Legal Name". It's a different name than account name. Its important that we seperate between account name and company legal name. 

We switched to salesforce not to long ago. In our previous system, our employees used to search for the company legal name to identify a customer.
Is it possible to integrate the company legal name in the search bar? 

At the moment its only searching for account names, contacts, opportunities. 


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Ahmed Ansari 13Ahmed Ansari 13
Please go through the below link


i think it will help you
Integration User 617Integration User 617
All fields that are visibile to you, or the user will be searchable in global search, so check field level security on your custom field. Therefore, if the field is populated for "Apple, Inc" in Account.Name and say you add "APPL" as Account.Company_Legal_Name__c your users can search APPL in the global search and find it.