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Raghu RamanujamRaghu Ramanujam 

Required Field in page layout ?


I am trying to make a field(s) Required in page layout ?
But the option is greyed out .. FLS is not read only..
Any ideas .. ?



Raghu RamanujamRaghu Ramanujam
No Jeff, It’s not ready only. Thanks, Raghu
Jeff Hutchinson 17Jeff Hutchinson 17
lol, I tried to delete that before you could respond. I forgot you said that in your original post. The only other things that immediately come to mind would be if it's a formula field or auto-number field as those are always read-only.
Ramesh DepaiahRamesh Depaiah
 Hi Raghu,

If you set this field already as required then read only will be greyed out. First remove this field as required from page layout or Field level security. than try.

I hope you find the above solution helpful. If it does mark as best answer to help others too.
Ramesh D