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Neil Hatch 9Neil Hatch 9 

Customer name of attachment sent via email template


I have an email templated that gets sent out to users who have to add a digital signiture and then upload to a SF page. 
Can I customise the name of the attachment or can I only have the name of the document I attached to the template?

file name - file_to_sign.docx
new name - {!Name__c}.file_to_sign.docx

Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Are you using DocuSign ?
Neil Hatch 9Neil Hatch 9
Just Word document with a digital signiture, so the recipient will have their copy and upload it to SF.  

All the uploaded files have the same name so though I can link it to the correct request, its not easy to view 100's of documents with the same name.