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Salesforce and Tableau integration using Canvas App


I am trying to bring in Tableau dashboards into Salesforce. All the connections are working fine. I get OK on all the status checkes between Salesforce, Sparkle and Tableau servers. However, when i launch the VF Page which has the canvas app(which should display the Dashboard ideally), I get the following error:

SPARKLER ERROR: Unable to process request. Check parameters/environment variables are set correctly.

Please let me know if someone has faced this issue before and how did they solve it. Thanks for your time.
Aarohi DevsAarohi Devs
Were you able to fix that? Can you please share some leads how to configure the same
Nithya palanisamy 9Nithya palanisamy 9
we are facing same issue for our org ,please let me know if you find the solution