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Shawn Low 37Shawn Low 37 

is there an "order of Operations" when you use the Process Builder and an Approval Porcess together?

The Requirement is this:
On the Opportunity Object, any Sales Agent can ask for an Opp to be transfered to them. They need to supply a Reason for the transfer of course, and the request goes to thier Manager. The Manager reviews the reason for the request and either approves the transfer or declines it.
My Solution:
1. I used a Lightning Action to create a button. It's called "Request for Opportunity Reassignment".
2. When the user (sales guy) searches for an Opportunity that is available for transfer (this might be due to several reasons, such as the Opp owner is on vacation, or out for the day, or is no longer with the company, etc.), even though they are not the Opportunity Owner, they can click the button asking for the Opportunity to be transfered to them. The Screen opens up and they choose a "Reason" for the transfer fro a Pick List and add some Comments in a Comments field. Then click "save"
3. Once they click the "Save" on the lightning action button, a Process is started (built in the Process Builder). The PB checks to see that the "Reason" & "Comments" fields are filled in, and then Calls an Approval Process to start..
4. The Approval Process starts, locks the record, sends out the email notice to the Manager.
The Manager either approves or declines the Request.
If Approved, the AP checks a checkbox called "Opporunity Transfer Approved", and sends out the Approved email noticiatons.
If Declined, the AP sends out the Declined email notification.
5. There is a 2nd step in the PB that checks if the "Opportunity Transfer Approved" checkbox is checked. If it is, the PB changes the Opportunity Owner to the "Requestor" and Updates a field called "Mgr - Opportunity Reassignment Reason" field with the same value that the "Opportunity Reassignment Reason" field has (Field reference).

My question is,
Does the PB stop, or go into "pause" while the AP is waiting to be completed?
The PB calles the AP, but the AP might not get completed at that same time, the Manager could be ina  meeting or something.
Meanwhile, the PB has the 2nd (and critical step) of looking for the "Approved" Checkbox to be checked. But that does not happen until the AP is complete.
I am hoping I don;t need to create 2 different Processes.
1st calles the AP and a 2nd looks for the checkbox, but I think this is the only way to do things.
Thank you