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Daniel RobertsDaniel Roberts 

Salesforce Sites vs Connected App

Hey everyone, we are looking to connect Salesforce to Shopify, and have Shopify write the orders to Salesforce via WebHooks. I've been asked the developer we are working with to set up a Salesforce Site for the Shopify App to write to our Salesforce org, but it seems like the better route to go is the Salesforce Connected App. The integrations is going to utilize Shopify WebHooks and on Order Creation write an opportunity to Salesforce. Would you guys use Salesforce Sites for this or would you use Salesforce Connected Apps? 

Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
This is my understanding .. 

If you want to use webhooks you need to create a connected app and pass all the auth details in webhooks so that Shopify can able to create the  order in salesforce ..