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Rahul Singh 1384Rahul Singh 1384 

Trigger to Clone Record along with its childs inside another child object.

Hi Friends,
I am stuck with an issue of a trigger where
I have 3 objects
1) 'Parent_ParentObject_One'    

- Two Child Object in Related List of 'Parent_ParentObject_One' Object.
2) 'Child_ParentObject_One' [Self-Lookup(Parent_ParentObject_One)]
3) 'ChildObject_One' [Lookup(Parent_ParentObject_One)]

Suppose I have a two records in related list of 'Parent_ParentObject_One' under 'ChildObject_One'.
- c_obj1
- c_obj2

- On Updating any record of 'Parent_ParentObject_One' Object, the same record should be cloned under the 'Child_ParentObject_One' Object as a record.
and the child records[ChildObject_One] should also be replicated as under new Child_ParentObject_One's record's related list.

If there would be any possible solution to this It would be highly appreciable.