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Leonard Silon 16Leonard Silon 16 

How do I create a note in process builder?

I would like to use process builder to auto create a note on the case under certain conditions. I see how to do it on a contact and contact but not the case. When I manually create the note ont eh case, it is associated to teh case. But I can not find the parentId field of the note in process builder and I suck at Flows

Any ideas?

PS: this is not notes&Attachemtns but rather the note object
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati

Its know issue..  Please use the trigger instead of process builder 

The new Notes object should be available in Process Builder. Common use cases include alerting users when Notes are created on records they own and automating sharing for notes, currently only possible with code.

Leonard Silon 16Leonard Silon 16
Actually the Note is avail in process builder now. However, I do nto see a way to relate it to a case. I can relate it to a contact or account but not a case. I can not get to the parent ID in the process builder
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
You can add it the page layout and its auto-related to the case 

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Leonard Silon 16Leonard Silon 16
Raj - t you are on the wrong track. I never asked how to add an object to the related list of another object. I want to auto create a note and it be related to teh case