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Nataliia SavelievaNataliia Savelieva 

Lightning Platform License for Trial

Hi Team,

I am sorry if my question is stupid, but I tried to use Lightning Starter and create a trial account, I did not receive any notifications on email and cannot change password, SF informs me that the old password incorrect. If I try to change it, SF asks me a secret question, Could you please help me?
Did you sign up for a new Developer edition from here https://developer.salesforce.com/signup
If yes, you should have received an email. Try checking your junk/spam mail to see it's there. 
If haven't received an email, try signing up again. If you get an error that this email already exists, then try sigining with a different email. 
When you get an email, make sure to first click on the link 'Verify this Account', and then follow through the prompts to create your password. 
Best wishes!  
Nataliia SavelievaNataliia Savelieva
Thank you, I added Lightning Starter trial account but did not receive anything, checked junk folder and repeated again.