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Leonard Silon 16Leonard Silon 16 

Need help with parsing incoming emails

We are using email-to-case. Users go to a form on intranet, fill it out and click send. That will send an email into SFDC into a specific queue as a case

The case is formatted the exact same way each time with the same subject. See below for an example.

For each line in the email, I have a corresponding field for the particular record type. I was hoping there was a way to parse the email such that code can auto fill those fields. 

If yes
1. Can it be done in process builder?
    a) if no, can you show me the code? We do not have in house developer and i am no developer

Subject of email
IT Action: Developer Production Access

Body of email: (After = will only be one of two choices on each)
Access1=Not Applicable
Access2=Not Applicable
Access3=Not Applicable
Access4=Production Access Requested
Access5=Not Applicable

Approximate Duration=24hrs