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Suchitra Khanal 24Suchitra Khanal 24 

Custom component is not visible in Lighting record page

We have apex code to validate ABN in Account Lighting Record Page. This is custom component added to the lighting record page. all users were able to see this before. Suddenly we are not able to to see this tool. We have below visibility critieria set. we are not able to see this tool even Criteria is matched. 
when I remove higlighted filter, it works. but it was working before with all these criteria suddenly it stops working.

Can anyone give me idea?
I checked apex class permission for profile. fields are also visible for all usersUser-added image
Manish ArvindManish Arvind
Hi Suchitra,

Greetings to you!

On the first look, it looks like :
1) Either ABN Type of Parent Account is Entity Name 
2) Or Account Record Type Name is 'Agency_Broker'
for which account records, you are going to open record page and component is not visible.

Try to change these field values on record to check visibility of component.

Thanks and Regards,
Manish Arvind
Suchitra Khanal 24Suchitra Khanal 24
Thanks Manish for your reply. it is happening for all accounts. I just created Account with different record type and where Parent Account field is empty ( not linked with any parent account). in these case, this tool should be visible