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sumit suwalkasumit suwalka 

update and delete records when change in another records

Hi All,
         i have a requirement in which i created a trigger when a record is created. i am creating reverse records of same object. now i want that if record is updated or deleted it should update and delete the reverse record too.
my trigger and helper is given below:-
trigger Trigger_FBGFamily on FBG_Family__c (before insert, before update, 
                                            before delete, after insert, 
                                            after update, after delete) {
    FBGFamilyTriggerHelper.newFBGFamily = trigger.new;
    FBGFamilyTriggerHelper.oldFBGFamily = trigger.old;
    FBGFamilyTriggerHelper.newMapFBGFamily = trigger.newMap;
    FBGFamilyTriggerHelper.oldMapFBGFamily = trigger.oldMap;   
       if(!FBGFamilyTriggerHelper.runTrigger) {
                                                if( Trigger.isAfter ){
                                                    if(Trigger.isInsert ){
my helper is given below:-
public class FBGFamilyTriggerHelper {
    public static List<FBG_Family__c> newFBGFamily = new List<FBG_Family__c>();
    public static List<FBG_Family__c> oldFBGFamily = new List<FBG_Family__c>();
    public static Map<Id, FBG_Family__c> newMapFBGFamily = new Map<Id, FBG_Family__c>();
    public static Map<Id, FBG_Family__c> oldMapFBGFamily = new Map<Id, FBG_Family__c>();
        public static boolean runTrigger = TRUE;
     Public static void CreatingReverseFamilyRecords(){
        List<FBG_Family__c> ListFamilyToInsert = New List<FBG_Family__c>();
         For(FBG_Family__c Family : newFBGFamily)
            FBG_Family__c ReverseFamily = New FBG_Family__c();
            ReverseFamily.Sister_Company__c = Family.Sister_Company2__c;
            ReverseFamily.Sister_Company2__c = Family.Sister_Company__c;

        if(ListFamilyToInsert.Size() > 0){
            runTrigger = FALSE;
          Insert ListFamilyToInsert;
            runTrigger = TRUE;

how to do it ? any suggestions?