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Jaap ScheperJaap Scheper 

Lightning:Map and OVER_QUERY_LIMIT

Hi there,
I am using a Lightning:Maps component to plot a series of markers. When we have a lot of markers, we see in the Javascript's console log window "mapsloader?resource=primitiveMap&version=220:151 Error: Geocoding <Address removed for privacy reasons> failed. Google geocoder status is OVER_QUERY_LIMIT"

I can reduce the amount of requests a little, but I don't expect it to be enough. Does anyone have had the same issue?
I think of this solutions:
  • Pay Google for less limitations -> Is that even possible, as lightning:map uses a Salesforce-owned Google Api key?
  • Reduce the amount of requests -> What exact are the limitations? I searched on Google Documentation, but didn't find hard numbers
  • Build a custom lightning map -> Anyone who did this before?
  • Use a solution from Github -> Any recommendations, anyone experience with https://github.com/zyzbroker/LightningMap ?
Any suggestions, answers, ideas are much appreciated!
You may have to reach out to Salesforce support.


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