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David PoynterDavid Poynter 

Update Meeting Flow - Permission Error

Here's the simple:
Since you cannot create a lookup field to a meeting, I created a workaround flow that links the meeting itself up with a Meeting Note, and then on the meeting note there is a url field that is a direct url to the meeting.
So when the flow is run from a custom button on the meeting, it creates the note, makes the link, and updates the meeting as being done. The issue I am running into is the permission error that happens when the flow is run from the non-parent meeting.

What I really don't understand is that in the flow I have a catch that checks for if the meeting is a child event, and if it is, it searches (using date, subject, type, and sub-type) for the parent meeting, and then attempts to update that one instead.

When debugging I can confirm it is finding the correct Parent Meeting/ID, yet it still throws this error:

"Error Occurred: The flow tried to update these records: null. This error occurred: INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_OR_READONLY: Only meeting organizers can update this field.. You can look up ExceptionCode values in the SOAP API Developer Guide."

Any Ideas? Thanks!

David PoynterDavid Poynter
Nobody has any ideas?