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George BouwlandGeorge Bouwland 

The Sales Users Profile does not appears in the Visible column as a selection?

Hi Everybody,
I am doing the Create Formula Fields module and in the first part it ask you to select Sales User and System Administrator in the Visible column but the Sales User profile does not appear as a selection that you can check?
Would like to know if anybody can help me with this?
I think that it might be referring to "Custom: Sales Profile"
George BouwlandGeorge Bouwland
Hi Ian
In the Module they are taking about Sales User profile.
Custom Sales Profile and Sales User Profile; Are they referring to the same thing because there is no option to select Sales User Profile!
Need some clarity on this.

In the Visible column header, select and deselect the checkbox to clear the checkboxes.
In the Visible column, select Sales User and System Administrator.