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Isha PatilIsha Patil 

lookup relationship on a particular field of an object

So, I have an object in which I have fields like first name, last name, email etc which I am importing from a csv using data import wizard . I have another object where I need have some common fields from object1 and some new fields, here I need the users to enter their name but I need them to pick those up from the first name field in object1. Basically what I want to do is create a lookup relationship beteween the 2 objects but based on the particular field, the users should be able to choose their first name from the list that I've imported. I've been trying to figure a way out of this for 2 days but couldn't. Can anyone help?
I am not sure that I understand what you are looking for, or what the problem is. This is my current interpretation of the situation. Do I have it correct?

Object 1 holds: First Name, Last Name, Email, etc.
Object 2 holds: Lookup field to Object 1, Formula fields referencing Object 1, Other fields

As described, users will already be able to select object 1 from object two and display almost any field from object 1 on object 2 through formula fields. If you are asking about how to find object 1 in he lookup field search, explore Lookup Dialogues and Search Filter Fields under the Search Layouts section of Object 1's defenitions page.

If you are asking about how the text shows up in the Object 1 lookup field on the Object 2 page, that will always be the Name field (which is always autonumber or text). If you can change it to text, it should be possible to use a workflow rule or process to set the Name field based on other fields you have on Object 1 whenever those fields change.

Does that help?