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insert or update record type using dataloader

Hi All,

If we have 2 record types with different fields and If we insert or update the records using data loader with specific record type like record type A.

Will it insert in that record type only or both? or If we give data to that both fields in both records irrespective of record type we give it will insert both fields in both records.

Hi Sirisha,

First of all, you cannot have different fields with different record types. With record type, you can have different set of values for same fields and different page layout.
If you insert records by specifiying the record type id and the user who is inserting it have the access for that RT Id, those records will get inserted with that RT Id.
If the user's profile have access to only one RT and you insert without specifying any RT Id, it will assigned to that RT.
If the user's profile have "Master" RT access, then in that case, record inserted without specifying any RT Ids, won't have any RT assigned to them.

Hope this helps!