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Marcelo CostaMarcelo Costa 

Multiple columns on related list

Hi everyone.
I have something that never happened with us before, and I wonder if anyone can help me. adding a contract related list to an account object for a specific page layout, ended up showing the contracts related list with 2 columns... have never seen that before and do not know how to fix it.
Anyone knows how to "fix" it (display the fields in a table as per default behavior??)

Related list of Contracts in account related tab.

Neha AggrawalNeha Aggrawal

That is the default behaviour of related lists in lightning. Tabular format is shown in classic Salesforce only.
You can however choose to show upto four fields. This can be changes in page layout.

Let me know if that helps.
Ajeeth Kumar SAjeeth Kumar S

Hi Macelo,


Yes we can display the fields in a table as per the default behavior.Kindly fllow the below setp.


Step1: Click account tab --> Open any Account record

Step 2: Click the gear icon in top right corner in lightning.And click Edit page.

Step3 : Click your contract related list and see right side on your pc.

Step4: Related List Type is default. Please change this into Enhanced List.

Step 5: Click save and Activation on top right.

Step 6 : If you click Activation we need to set default org page(Click Assign as Org Default)  and save.

User-added image

User-added image

Now you can see the related list view like as table.


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