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Live Agent 24Live Agent 24 

I keep getting an error that live agent violates the Content Security Policy on my community preview and also the embedded chat service always shows that the agent is offline even when the Einstein bot is active

For more reference here is the exact error I keep getting:
Access to https://d.la1-c1-hnd.salesforceliveagent.com/chat/rest/Visitor/Settings.jsonp?Settings.prefix=Visitor&Settings.buttonIds=[5732v0000008oUS]&Settings.updateBreadcrumb=1&callback=embedded_svc.liveAgentAPI.connection.handlePing&deployment_id=5722v000000CzyI&org_id=00D2v000001VT6s&version=36 for script resources violates your Content Security Policy (CSP).

I have also tried added d.la1-c1-hnd.salesforceliveagent.com to list of trusted websites, but keep getting the same error everytime.