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Arun Sarvan SamArun Sarvan Sam 

An unhandled fault has occurred in this flow - pls help

Hi Frndz,

Please help to sortout this issue in production not able to reproduce in sandbox,

Selected Navigation Button: NEXT
DECISION: Relatedbookingsearch
Outcome executed: Field_is_Blank
Outcome conditions: 
1. {!SearchRelatedBookAccount} () Equals
2. {!OngoingGroup} (true) Equals true
3. {!Registration_Type} (Annual) Does not equal {!Full} (Full)
4. {!OngoingGroup} (true) Does not equal true
5. {!AgentName1} (Lorraine Dougall) Does not equal {!PleaseSelect} (Please Select)
Logic: Advanced Logic ((1 AND ((2 AND 3) OR 4)) AND 5)
GET RECORDS: Discount_Lookup_0_0
Find one Discountc record where:
Expiredc Equals false
Non_Transferc Equals true
Name Equals {!Discount_code2} ()
Failed to find record.
Outcome executed: DiscountValid3
Outcome conditions: 
{!DiscountValid} (true) Equals true
CREATE RECORDS: Create_Student_0
Create one Account record where:
BillingCity = {!Billing_City} ()
BillingPostalCode = {!Billing_Postcode} ()
BillingState = {!Billing_County} ()
BillingStreet = {!Billing_Street} ()
Date_of_Birthc = {!Date_of_Birth} (null)
Date_of_Last_Bookingc = {!$Flow.CurrentDate} (09 July 2019)
FirstName = {!First_Name} (arun)
LastName = {!Last_Name} (sarvan)
PersonEmail = {!Email} (arunsarvan@hotmail.com)
Phone = {!Phone} ()
RecordTypeId = 012w0000000Jvw6
Salutation = {!SALUTATIONCHOICE} (Ms.)
Failed to create record.
Error Occurred: This error occurred when the flow tried to create records: DUPLICATE_VALUE: duplicate value found: Student_Email_Uniquec duplicates value on record with id: 0011r00001vuSPZ. You can look up ExceptionCode values in the SOAP API Developer Guide.
Naveen KNNaveen KN
check your duplicate rules. Student_Email_Uniquec

You are inserting the record with the same email already existing in the database. Check and let us know in case if you need more assistance.

- Naveen K N