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Can I call an other component's function in modal component


I had created a modal component when I click a button like below.

createGroup : function(component, event, helper) {
                "aura:id": "NLPCreatePublicGroup"
                component.set("v.modal", newCmp);

I want to call a function of another component by pressing a certain button in this component.

So, I had made an lightning event component named 'NLPRefreshRole'
Then registered the event in a modal component and insert the code that activates the event.

<aura:registerEvent name="refreshRole" type="c:NLPRefreshRole"/>

var evt = component.getEvent("roleClickEvt");

Then I put the following handler in the target component
<aura:handler name="refreshRole" event="c:NLPRefreshRole" action="{!c.renderTreeN}"/>

But it does not work properly.

How can I call the other component's function in modal component ?


Does it make any difference if you change the event name in component.getEvent to "refreshRole" like this.
var evt = component.getEvent("refreshRole");
Ajay K DubediAjay K Dubedi
Hi Ajay,

To call a function of 2nd component by pressing a certain button on 1st component try the following:

1st Component:

<aura:component >
    <aura:attribute name = "Cmp2" type = "Boolean" default = "false"/> <!--Make Same attribute in both Components-->
    <lightning:button label = "Click to run another component" onclick = "{!c.handleClick}"/>

    handleClick : function(c, e, h) {
        $A.createComponent('c:TestComponent2', {
        'Cmp2': c.getReference('v.Cmp2'),
        }, function (contentComponent, status, error) {
            if (status === "SUCCESS") {
            } else {

2nd Component:

<aura:component >
    <aura:attribute name = "Cmp2" type = "Boolean" default = "false"/><!--Same Component in both Components-->
    <lightning:button label="Click to run function of other cmp" onclick = "{!c.callFunction}"/>

    callFunction : function(c, e, h) {
        console.log('callFunction in 2nd Component called');

I hope you find the above solution helpful. If it does, please mark as Best Answer to help others too.
Ajay Dubedi
Sorry. It was my mistake.
I had used below code. but it was not working. T.T
var evt = component.getEvent("refreshRole");   // not "roleClickEvt"

Actually I have the 3 components

1. Parent Component => have a button and It creates the modal component.
2. modal Component => have a button. If I click the button, I would like to call a function in the target component.
3. target Component => hava the function.