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Mandapaka Raghu 9Mandapaka Raghu 9 

Ant deployment tool

Hi guys,
 I have a doubt on ant deployment tool, iam new to this...
So what my doubt is... I have a two orgs x and y ,, I was retrieving Apex classes from x org and deploying to y org and next I have done some modifications on  Apex class  in x org and retrieve again and deployed to y org but I was getting an error because the Apex classes with same name are already existed in y org as we deployed at first time ,, so can any one tell me is it possible to override those classes ,,if it is please explain
To help, I need to see the package.xml you're sending as well as an example of the class file you are sending.  I'd honestly recommend using an established tool like Solenopsis [1] instead of trying to roll your own tool using the ant library directly

[1] http://solenopsis.org/Solenopsis/