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Flows and lightning components combination in one screen ?

I have wierd client requirement. The client requirement has 10 screens to develop in combination of Flows and Lightning Components. Here is the example of one screen.

Eg Screen 1

1. It has display fields. (data comes from Opportunity record)
2. Also pick list values. (Data comes from Accont Record)

Eg. Screen 2

1. Based on the picklist values selected from Screen 1, I have to extract a data from custom object using SOQL query and display list of rows of data for user to select multiple records and add it.
Check Box (for selecting the record), Name, Loan Type, etc
Note: User can select multiple records here.

Now the client is asking me to design combination of Flows and Lightning components. He is asking in one screen #1/2 etc (any given screen).. couple of fields will be defined in Flow and rest of the fields in lightning component. 

eg. Screen 1 - All the opportunity fields will be coming from Flow. Account fields should come from Lightning component.

Is this possible ?? How can I get it like that .. and how do I pass the data back and forth from flow to LC (lightning componet) .. 

Screen 2 - I have SOQL query here .. How can have some fields in flow and some are in LC ? 

Can someone give an example if you have done it prior ? Any posts that will be do it... simply I said, it's not possible. We will do everything in LC only (all screens).