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Foram Rana RForam Rana R 

Security scanner: Query: FLS Create. Auto scanner reported issue

Got Issue In Below Code.
                   Schema.SObjectType.Custom_Setting__c.isCreateable() &&
                   Schema.SObjectType.Custom_Setting__c.fields.Name.isCreateable() &&
                   Schema.SObjectType.Custom_Setting__c.fields.UserName__c.isCreateable() &&
                   Schema.SObjectType.Custom_Setting__c.fields.Password__c.isCreateable() ) ||
                   (Schema.sObjectType.Custom_Setting__c.isUpdateable() &&
                   Schema.SObjectType.Custom_Setting__c.fields.Name.isUpdateable()  ) {
                    Custom_Setting__c cs = new Custom_Setting__c(UserName__c = username, Password__c = password, Name = usr.Name);
                    upsert cs Name;
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Rohit TantiRohit Tanti
Try To Use Defrent Code i think if that Fix you problem..
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