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Girish KSGirish KS 

How do i trigger an Apex Trigger using Rest approach either using Tooling or any other approach

I want to invoke a apex Trigger, but i want to do this using rest api. Right now i am able to get details of trigger using tooling api but i am not sure how to trigger the Apex trigger.
Kancharla ChakravarthyKancharla Chakravarthy
Hey Girish 

Actually, you don't need to execute the trigger separately in rest approach either using Tooling or any other approach. You just need to Insert/Update/Delete the set of data from the third party as triggers required certain events to be happened to execute. 


If you have the data ready which needs to be processed, then separate the logic from the trigger to an apex class and call it from your rest services approach directly from a third party.

Please choose as best answer if the above explanation works for you. It will help others to find the best answers
Girish KSGirish KS
Thanks Kancharla for the reply, i had tried the above approach but issue is the trigger works only for Partner community users and i am not able to do a OAuth for partner users, hence i was looking at alternate approach of triger.