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Einstein Bot : Custom Field in EinsteinBotsV2 object

I am working on an Einstein Bot. The default Bot performance dashboard gives me info about how many times a Dialog is used [Top Last Dialogs card]. But the requirement is to know Top Dialogs group by Customer.

Currently we store unique customerId in LiveChatTranscript object, but I cant find any way to link EinsteinBotsV2 object with LiveChatTranscript.

EinsteinBotsV2 is not even visible in 'Object Manager'. It just shows up in the Einstein Bot Dashboard DataSet.

Has anyone been able to link any object with EinsteinBotsV2, or create custom field(s) in it.

Current Report
Dialog Name    Count
Dialog1             05
Dialog2             01

CustomerId       Dialog Name      Count
cdxswe             Dialog1               02
cdxswe             Dialog2               01
zxcvb               Dialog1                03

As a last resort, I am thinking of creating a custom object and storing info into it using Apex/Flow when Dialog is changed. But would prefer any alternative that will allow me to work with existing objects.
Mosh HamedaniMosh Hamedani
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