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Issue with Auto Lead conversion when there is a Future job on After Insert and After Update

Hi Everyone,
I am trying to Auto Convert leads when Site_Visit_Date and Site_Visit_Time are populated on After Insert and After Update in our newly migrated Salesforce. But I am having difficulties fitting this auto lead conversion to our new Salesforce because on After Insert there is a future method that is updating a few fields and also creating child records and these child records needs to be transferred over to Opportunity when it is converted. When I do Auto Convert on After insert then it is skipping Future method and all the child records that are supposed to create under lead wouldn't create and there were no field updates as well.  User-added image

The workaround I have created for auto converting leads for our opportunities from our old instance is by scheduling a job on after insert. The schedule job on After Insert will schedule after 10 mins of insertion so that Future Job will have time to do its job.  
When an individual person wants to do an AutoConverion then again it will take time to convert that lead but it should convert right away. Can someone help me with any solution please.