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Vincent CookVincent Cook 

Process Automation Super Badge Stuck On Step 4


I'm stuck on step 4 of the Process Automation Super Badge. For some reason when I check the challenge I always get this error: Challenge Error

Yet I have the sales process, record type, and even sales path created.

Sales Process

Record Type:

Record Type

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, and nothing shows up in the Developer Logs. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Abhishek K SinhaAbhishek K Sinha
It seems you have created a new picklist value "RB Robotics Process RT" under  Type field.
It should be a new Record Type on Opportunity with name  "RB Robotics Process RT".
Abhishek K SinhaAbhishek K Sinha
Step 4 -Create Sales Process and Validate Opportunities:
Create a sales process with the required stages and name it RB Robotics Sales Process. Create a record type named RB Robotics Process RT. Add a field to the opportunity page layout as described in the business requirements and create the appropriate validation rule for high-value opportunities.
1. Add missing stage picklist value – ‘Awaiting Approval’ with 80% probability.
2. Create a SalesPath titled RB Robotics Sales Process with the following stage values.
3. Prospecting, Qualification, Proposal/Price Quote, Negotiation/Review, Awaiting Approval, Closed Won and Closed Lost
4. Create an opportunity record type named RB Robotics Process RT and select the above created SalesPath from the SalesPath list.
5. Add a new Opportunity field – Approved.
6. Type – Checkbox.
7. Select the Read-only checkbox for all profiles except System Admin and Custom: Sales Profile.
8. Create a validation rule for checking the closed-won opportunity is above 100K.
9. AND(Amount> 100000, ISPICKVAL( StageName, “Closed Won”), Approved__c = false.
If you face another problem to complete 'Superbadge – Process Automation Specialist' then follow the following link:
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