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Jayson KjenstadJayson Kjenstad 

Unconnected playground

Is there anyway to access a playground I removed from my list of managed orgs? I am getting a email for an Apex exception every single day from a automated process in this playground and would like these emails to stop. Any help would be awsome!
If you have the username and password, you should be able to log in to the org directly from login.salesforce.com. If not, you might be able to determine your username from the email address that the email goes to, and the org name in the subject of the email. If you can figure out your username, you can probably use that to reset your password.

Past that, the only thing that I can think to do would be to grab the Org ID from the body of the email and open a ticket with Salesforce at help.salesforce.com asking what you can do to get back into the org.