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Paul MargineanPaul Marginean 

Log a Call button in Contact object (LEX)

Hi everyone,

I created a new button for creating a task, 'Log a Call', located in the Contact object. The button works well, it is opening the New Task window, but the problem is that it is not pre-populating the Related To and Name fields with the name of the contact and account. Here is the button:


Can you let me know how we could achieve that? It would be awesome to be able to prepopulate the fields, the same it is doing when clicking on the 'Log a Call' action under the Activities related list in the contact layout.

PS. We are making the transition to Lightning, which is why I am asking this.

Thank you lots!

Parmanand PathakParmanand Pathak
Hi Paul,

Kindly goto the object from object manager---> then goto Button, links, and Actions --> Goto your custom action --> then click on New from Predefined Field Values section as below  - 

User-added image

Assign the values to fields, it will pre-populate the values in the custom quick action.

Let me know if you have any issue.

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Parmanand Pathak.
Paul MargineanPaul Marginean
Hi Parmanand,

Thank you lots for your reply! This, however, does not solve my issue. The button needs to show up at the top of the page, in the Highlights Panel. The only one I could get to show there is this:

User-added image

This is how it should look like at the Contact level:

User-added image

There is no option to select the Predefined Field Values for a Detail Page Button. The Action that you suggested does not show up in the row of buttons in the Highlights Panel, although I am placing it there in the layout. If you have more information on this, please let me know.

User-added image

Thank you so much,