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Nothing shows up: visual studio code

I have sf CLI installed, JDK 11 installed, salesforce extension installed, vsc installed.  after initial create a project using standard template, in new project folder, nothing shows up.  also, did the authorize an org, nothing shows up.  Powershell sfdx not recognized.  In Environment Variables, the paths are there.  also, have unintalled and reinstalled everything and still nothing shows up?
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ShirishaShirisha (Salesforce Developers) 



Can you please double check the steps again to make sure you haven't missed anything while installing the VS code.


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Shirisha Pathuri

I have double, triple and have done 10 times and yes exact installing.  also creating more than one project using create new project and create new project with manifest.
I even tried authorize an org.  nothing in the project folder:
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