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Dhilip DussaDhilip Dussa 

remove string line

Good Morning,

Here I need to remove one line from the feed item

I can remove the specific sting by using string.remove('Test'); like this

but I need to remove one line
This is the Raju's first comment, please check updated comment

in this, I need to remove 'This is the Raju's first comment' up to here

Note: here name will not same every time user can mention any name but starting and ending letters will be same every time
please help me,

ANUTEJANUTEJ (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Dhilip,

Have you tried checking can you try checking if you can use indexof('comment') to get the index or you can try using substringAfter(separator) method 

Let me know if this helps and in case if this comes handy can you please choose this as best answer so that it can be used by others in the future.

Dhilip DussaDhilip Dussa

Is there any way to hide total URL

Dilip commented on https://login.salesforce/browse/JIP-123: this test comment.

Here I need to display: Dilip this test comment.
can you please help me.

Note: Some times URL will be different like https://login.salesforce/browse/JIP-12345: