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Bablu Kumar PanditBablu Kumar Pandit 

make a text box appear on selection of a Radio Button in vf page

i tried to control using java script but not work please guide me
Below see my code
<apex:selectRadio value="{!Ques1}" layout="pageDirection" id="Ques1" onchange="check(this)">
                                    <apex:selectOption itemLabel="Extremely Satisfied" itemValue="Extremely Satisfied"/>
                                    <apex:selectOption itemLabel="Very Satisfied" itemValue="Very Satisfied"/>
                                    <apex:selectOption itemLabel="Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied" itemValue="Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied"/> 
                                    <apex:selectOption itemLabel="Somewhat dissatisfied" itemValue="Somewhat dissatisfied"/> 
                                    <apex:selectOption itemLabel="Very dissatisfied" itemValue="Very dissatisfied"/> 

 <script type="text/javascript">
                function check(Selected){
				var choice = Selected.value;
                    if(choice == "Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied" || choice == "Somewhat dissatisfied" || choice == "Very dissatisfied" ){
                        document.getElementsById("msg")[0].style.display = "block"
                        document.getElementsById"msg")[0].style.display = "none"
AnudeepAnudeep (Salesforce Developers) 
Here are some examples that you can try

<apex:inputField> example

VF Page
<apex:page standardController="contact" extensions="radioActionCtrl"  >
    <apex:form >
        <apex:selectRadio >
            <apex:actionSupport event="onchange" action="{!changeInputState}" rerender="opPanelName"/>
            <apex:selectOption itemValue="" itemlabel="Option1"/>
        <apex:outputPanel id="opPanelName">
            <apex:inputField value="{!contact.firstName}" id="NameInput" required="false"/>
                document.getElementById('{!$Component.NameInput}').disabled = {!disableInput};

Controller Extension
public class radioActionCtrl {
    public Boolean disableInput {get; set;}
    public radioActionCtrl(ApexPages.StandardController controller) {
        disableInput = true;
    public void changeInputState(){
        disableInput = false;

<apex:inputText> example
<apex:page controller="dynSelect">
    <apex:form id="form">
        <apex:selectRadio value="{!selectedOption}">
            <apex:actionSupport event="onchange" rerender="form" />
            <apex:selectOption itemValue="Yes" itemLabel="Yes" />
            <apex:selectOption itemValue="No" itemLabel="No" />
        <apex:inputText rendered="{!selectedOption='Yes'}" />

You can do this with jquery as well. Try it yourself

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