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santhiya duraisanthiya durai 

unable to cover code coverage

I have tried to cover below class but unable to cover even single % . Unable to figure out where/what I missed, Please anyone help me


public with sharing class customSearchController { public static list<ICIX_V1__ICIX_Product__c> getContactList(string searchKey,string productType) { string sTempSearchKey = '%' + searchKey + '%'; //string sTempSearchKey = '%' + searchKey; // create Product list to store search result list<ICIX_V1__ICIX_Product__c> lstProduct = new list<ICIX_V1__ICIX_Product__c>(); // query Product records for(ICIX_V1__ICIX_Product__c oCon : [Select id,Name,Product_Number__c,ProductType__c,Parent_Name__c From ICIX_V1__ICIX_Product__c WHERE Product_Number__c LIKE : sTempSearchKey and ProductType__c=:productType limit 10]){ lstProduct.add(oCon);
return lstProduct;
} }

Test class:

@isTest public class customSearchController_Test { static testMethod void getContactListMethod() { try{ list<Account> acclist=new list<Account>(); Account acc=new Account(); acc.name='Hasbro Dev Stg Res 2'; acc.ICIX_V1__Status__c='Active'; acc.ICIX_V1__ICIX_ID__c='304078'; //acc.ICIX_V1__Internal__c=true; acclist.add(acc); insert acclist; string searchKey; string productType; list<ICIX_V1__ICIX_Product__c> lstProduct = new list<ICIX_V1__ICIX_Product__c>(); string sTempSearchKey = '%' + searchKey + '%'; ICIX_V1__ICIX_Product__c product1=Hasbro_TestDataFactory.createProduct()[0]; product1.Product_Number__c='C6119AV10'; product1.ProductType__c='ASSORTMENT'; lstProduct.add(product1); ICIX_V1__ICIX_Product__c product2=Hasbro_TestDataFactory.NewProduct(); product2.Product_Number__c='C6119AV10'; product2.ProductType__c='ASSORTMENT'; lstProduct.add(product2); insert lstProduct; customSearchController.getContactList('product2.Product_Number__c','product2.ProductType__c'); } catch(Exception e){
} } }

ANUTEJANUTEJ (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Santhiya,

As you are sending the setings you can try changing the statement customSearchController.getContactList('product2.Product_Number__c','product2.ProductType__c'); to customSearchController.getContactList(product2.Product_Number__c,product2.ProductType__c);

Let me know where you are facing the issue also, I would suggest you to have a system.assert statement as you are returning list of records having a assert value could cover the return statement in the class method.

Here are the links to trailhead module that could help you in understanding all the elements in test class.

>> https://trailhead.salesforce.com/content/learn/modules/apex_testing

I hope this helps and in case if this comes handy can you please choose this as best answer so that it can be useful for others in the future.