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Puja khetanPuja khetan 

difference between web to case html file VS Site in salesforce

Experts ,

can some one please tell me exact different between site generated by Web to case functionality ,that is HTML file 
site created by using Site functionalit using Visualforce page .

like i have to use Case object ,now i can go both way but i would like understand exact difference .

my requirement is one set of users who are in salesforce would like to use this site .

Another set of user dont have salesforce License ,they want to use this site ,

Please guide 
AnudeepAnudeep (Salesforce Developers) 
Using Public Access Settings for Salesforce Sites, you can enable Visualforce pages for your site and create your form. At the same time, you can Set Up Web-to-Case for Guest Users in a Lightning Community and achieve the same functionality. Keep in mind that guest users can’t attach files to a case. See the below documentation to learn more