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Task Queue notifications not received for Queue members

Hi guys,
I created Task Queue in Sandbox :
Queue Name  : testTask _Queue
Queue Email  : << valid busines user mail ID>>
Support Obj   :  Task
Queue members : << Valid business User mail ID>>
Send Email to Members  : checkbox is True.

After that i created one New Task and assign to this ' testTask _Queue'.
But, Queue member not received Task notifications.

I verified Email logs, mail Event status display As  Delivered.
Date Time Internal Message ID Mail Event Recipient Sender Remote Host Bytes Transferred Salesforce.com User Message ID Header Retry Count Seconds In Queue Delivery Stage
########E1/AF-03942-3900B5F5  D abc@xxx.com noreply@chatter.salesforce.com206.210.19.232144050051I000002S5af<fUUah000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000QGH95F006hk6OrLuT9OPwGCztMvZCQ@sfdc.net>01.179895 

ii. setup -> Deliveribility --> All emails 
iii. Activity Settings ---> Already enable 'Enable User Control over Task Assignment Notifications'.

But , User informing  he didn't received any Task Notifications.

Pls let me know , can i miss anything or is there anything need to configure.
can you pls check and let me know your inputs on this

VinayVinay (Salesforce Developers) 

Since you have already checked the email logs and it mentions details about outbound messages.  Try to check with your email id and see if you are receiving mails.

Ask your team to check spam folders or check if do they have any firewalls settings which is blocking.

Vinay Kumar