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Trevor ViallTrevor Viall 

Edit records in Standard object thats not tabbed

So i have a question that i likely very simple but google isnt helping. How do I edit or create new records for a standard object that isnt tabbed. I'm aware I can tab custom objects but this won't work. Really I don't need to tab it I just need to access the records but outside of an apex soql search I can't find a way to access them.
VinayVinay (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Trevor,

Try to create a report on the standard object to view available records or you can use SOQL query to pull records.

Eg:- Select Id, Name from Account.

Vinay Kumar
Hello Trevor,

Just grab id of any one record from that object which you wish to access.
For e.g. 

Now simple keep only the first three characters of the id in URL
Now access this URL and you should be able to view the records if you have permissions.